Welcome to the Caribbean Family History Research. A venture that you may find fascinating, thoughtful, inspirational thrown in with time consuming that ultimately culminates in a personal labour of love. Information will focus mainly on resources, how to research and suggested ways in which to document Caribbean records and creating personal mementos with the view to build and strengthen personal communication in ways that are comfortable for you and your family.

As eluded to earlier, family history research can be challenging when it comes to gathering information, researching the sources and resources available, know what is realistically available for Caribbean research. This blog aims to share tips on how to overcome such hurdles using case studies, scenarios and memory joggers.

I have been researcher for over twelve years. As with many researchers I started researching my family line then progressed to assisting others. My initial inspiration were my paternal grandmother and great-grandmother both of whom I spent a great deal of time. My greatgrandmother was a trained midwife in Jamaica. I would read from her old anatomy book – and yes it contained a great deal of information. I guess it was the association that my then frail greatgrandmother practising her skills having to travel to many locations to offer her services. My father recounted that he remembers “all manner of transport calling for her from donkey to auto-mobiles”.

I now work professionally having supported hundreds of individuals to research their roots from individual research to deliver talks in schools, run workshops locally and nationwide. Please feel free to browse the site, share your comments, ideas or suggestions on topics and subjects that you would like further information.

For further information contact:
Sharon Tomlin
Email: info@familyhistoryjamaica.com
Mobile: 07508 375 417

© Sharon Tomlin 2010

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